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Axminster Bandsaw Hobby HBS250N

Axminster Bandsaw Hobby HBS250N

Compact, high-precision and high-power band saw. The machine...

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Restoring Furniture

Restoring Furniture

Together with the instructor the participants will develop a concept for restoring their own items that they brought along...

More about our Workshop Restoring Furniture

Woodturning Intensive Course (Faceplate Turning)

Woodturning Intensive

The wood fibres run perpendicular to the spindle axis, which means you have to work on cross-grain twice per revolution...

More about the Workshop Woodturning Intensive Course



Arbortech™ Contour Random Sander Set

Arbortech™ Contour Random Sander Set

Angle grinder attachment for sanding complex contoursIdeal f...

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DICK Handicraft Gallery

DICTUM Handicraft Gallery

Creativity online!

If you have already created your own pieces of furniture, turning works or sculpture objects that you are especially proud of, why don't you send us some pictures and let us and other customers marvel at your creative work. In our new DICTUM handicraft gallery you now have the possibility to do that.

DICTUM Handicraft Gallery

Workshop Impressions

Workshop Impressions bei DICTUM

Find out more about...

... our variety of classes und get some impressions from our former hold courses!


Our last Workshop Impressions:

Find out more about Intarsia

Find out more about Building Cartons


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Expert Knowledge:
Japanese Knives

Japanese Knive (Hocho) cuts a tomatoe into slices

The Hocho is a chef's soul!

Tools reflect the state of our culture. The tools we use to cut food, for example, don't just say something about our cooking culture - but the quality of their blades...


Traditional Japanese Knives in our Shop

Find out more about Japanese Knives

Expert Knowledge:
Rasps & Files

Expert knowledge Rasps and Files

Our Herdim® and Schwertfisch® rasps as well as our Superhard file rasps are indispensable tools for cabinet-makers, conservators and instrument makers.



Rasps & Files in our Shop

Find out more on Rasps & Files

Sharpening Devices

Japanese Natural Waterstone Sho-Honyama

Nothing goes right without a keen cutting edge!

The best cutting tool is of little use if it is not properly sharpened. How to sharpen a dull cutting edge...



Sharpening Devices in our Shop

Find out more about Sharpening Devices

Expert Knowledge:

Expert Knowledge Finishing

Bringing out the beauty of wood!

For thousands of years, vegetable oils, waxes and resins have proven their value for preserving wood and emphasising the rain...



Surface Protection and Colours in our Shop

Find out more about Finishing