Mini Planes

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Mini Planes, Edge Plane

For working rabbets into the corners.

Rosewood plane body with polished brass hardware. High-quality HSS blades.

Traditional Chinese Planes
The basic design of the Chinese plane (Mu Bao) is similar to the Japanese Kanna. The major difference is that the Chinese plane can be used on either the pull or the push stroke, whereas the Japanese Kanna can only be used on the pull stroke. The larger Chinese planes have a cross-handle to facilitate push-stroke use (which can be removed for use on the pull stroke). The blades are held in place using a wedge or cap. The slightly wave-shaped plane bodies are made of either Hei Tan (a fine-grained type of ebony from Indonesia) or Shun-Gee (a type of rosewood). The uncoated surfaces are worked using scrapers and are polished. The plane blades are made of wear-resistant HSS steel (approx. 64 HRC), or forged carbon-steel (approx. 58 HRC) for special-purpose planes, which make Chinese planes visually appealing and solid all-round tools. Unless other-wise specified, the blade angle and thus the cutting angle is 40°.

Blade width 13 mm, Blade thickness 2 mm, length 80 mm, 37 g.

25.50 €incl. VATper piece
sharp black

Sharpening pass for a two times free sharpening.
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Sharpening pass is contained in the product deliveries.

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Article no.   Price per piece Quantity
702946 Bench Plane 25.50 €
702947 Rabbet / Edge Plane 25.50 €
702948 Scraping Plane 25.50 €